Name: Pancham (Yancham)
Pokedex: 674 (National), 091 (Coastal Kalos), 220 (Alola)
Category/Species: Playful Pokemon
Height: 0.6m (1.97ft)
Weight: 8.0 kg (17.64 lbs)


Abilities are a feature introduced to the Pokemon series in Generation III. They provide a passive effect that occurs in battle or the overworld such as increasing attack power of a specific type or eliminating weather effects, and each Pokemon is only able to have one. There are also some negative abilities that hinder your Pokemon's performance in battle. Thankfully, Pancham does not have any of those. Furthermore, the existence of Hidden Abilities began in Generation V; these are only obtainable in certain ways outside of catching a Pokemon in the wild such as Hidden Grottos in Black/White 2 or the Friend Safaris in X/Y.

Iron Fist ⸳ Increases the Base Power of punching moves by 20%
Mold Breaker ⸳ Moves can be used on the target regardless of its Abilities
Scrappy (Hidden) ⸳ Makes Normal- and Fighting-type moves hit Ghost-type Pokémon

Where to Obtain

Kalos Route 5, in red

The first game where you can catch a Pancham is Generation VI's Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. In the Kalos region, Pancham is able to be caught on Route 5 which is just south of Lumiose City (pictured left). He can be found in both the grass and purple flowers in the area with a 10% encounter rate. Any Pancham you encounter in this area will be level 8-10. Since Pancham is obtainable so early in the game, it is likely that you may have even had one in your party when you played through the game! I know I did.

In these games, Pangoro can only be obtained by evolving Pancham as he does not appear in the wild anywhere. Starting at level 32, Pancham can evolve into Pangoro if there is another Dark-type Pokemon in the party when he levels. Pancham and Pangoro are not catchable in Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby and must be traded from X or Y. However, there was an event in 2015 where you could receive a special Pancham in these games based off of Serena's Pancham from the anime. He comes with the ability Mold Breaker and is holding the item Black Glasses which boosts the power of Dark-type abilities.

Pancham and Pangoro are both catchable in Pokemon Sun & Moon. They both can be found on Routes 10, 11, and 17.

Pokedex Entries

Pokemon X/Omega Ruby ⸳ It does its best to be taken seriously by its enemies, but its glare is not sufficiently intimidating. Chewing on a leaf is its trademark.

Pokemon Y/Alpha Sapphire ⸳ It does its level best to glare and pull a scary face, but it can't help grinning if anyone pats its head.

Pokemon Sun ⸳ It grows up imitating the behavior of Pangoro, which it looks up to as a leader.

Pokemon Moon ⸳ There's no point to the leaf in its mouth, aside from an effort to look cool. It's mischievous, so it's not well suited to inexperienced Trainers.

Serena's Pancham

Serena's Pancham first appears in the 47th episode of the Pokemon XY anime series when he crashes a performance at the Pokemon Showcase by breakdancing onto the stage and causing trouble, ultimately canceling the other performances. Afterwards, he caused more trouble by taunting Clemont's Chespin which chases after him. As the group follows and searches for the two Pokemon, Pancham also snatches Ash's hat and Clemon's glasses. Pancham is very mischievous and quite the troublemaker, even in the anime.

Serena spots Pancham standing by the river, practicing his performance using the hat and glasses as props. She realizes that Pancham must love to perform, something she is also very passionate about and approaches Pancham. She finds his hidden stash of props nearby in a cave and offers him some sunglasses if he promises to stop stealing from people. Pancham runs off again. The group, minus Serena, then finds Pancham sleeping carelessly in the grass and confronts him about their stolen items which Serena interrupts, and she quickly returns their stolen items. She informs everyone that she would like to become a Pokemon performer with Pancham and attempts to catch him.

Shortly after their battle began, Team Rocket snatches Serena's Fennekin, and the group, along with the determined Pancham, chases them down. Pancham courageously saves both Fennekin and Serena from Jessie's Pumpkaboo. Pancham agrees to battle Serena and Fennekin again. After Fennekin lands an attack, Serena throws a Pokeball at Pancham who easily breaks free, taunting Fennekin to battle him some more. After taking more damage, Serena throws another Pokeball and successfully captures Pancham. She gives him the sunglasses again, and they all agree to become performers together.

Serena's Pancham is adorable, and I really love him, his spunky attitude, and his hilarious rivalry with Clemont's Chespin. I will probably not cover too much more of Pancham's appearance in the anime simply because one of the main characters of the XY series caught him, and that's a lot of information to cover at this time. I may possibly expand this section in the future to cover more episodes. I decided to include a few of my favorite screenshots that I took from episode 47 as an offering!

Breakdancing onto the stage Proud of his performance
Taunting Chespin with a stick Provoking Chespin to chase him
Stunned after Serena caught him Pancham and his new friends!