Killer Grin is a tribute and fanlisting for Pancham, the adorable fighting Pokemon that debuts in the Generation VI games, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. This site is proudly part of Sutarodo, Hylia, and Shiny Charm. The fanlisting is listed at The Fanlistings Network and The Anime Fanlistings Network and has been open since October, 11, 2015. The shrine finally opened on July 4, 2016.

The name was a suggestion from Todd when I'd mentioned that I wanted to completely revamp my Pancham fanlisting and possibly expand it into a shrine. Once he'd suggested it, I absolutely knew that was the name I had to choose. Why, exactly? Pancham tries to act tough in order to intimidate foes, using a scary or menacing grin. However, he's just a small bear cub that likes to get into trouble, and he's not very threatening at all. This greatly differs from his large, angry evolution, Pangoro.

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Why Pancham?

At first glance, Pancham might not really stand out among other Pokemon designs because he's clearly just a panda. Bears happen to be my favorite animals, and I am always drawn to the new bear evolutionary chains in the games so Pancham really stood out to me. I typically am not interested in fighting Pokemon, but I loved Pancham immediately! I caught Pancham early on in the game and evolved him into Pangoro to use in my first battle against the Elite Four of the region.

I wanted to write about this little panda because he was one of my favorites from Generation VI, and I absolutely loved Pokemon X. Initially, when I first outlined this shrine, I never envisioned it to turn into this sort of analysis, but I had an absolute blast writing about it. I adore Pancham even more than before. This shrine has exceeded my original expectations, and I am really proud of it.

On his own, Pancham may not interest most trainers, but adding Pangoro to the mix adds a lot of interest and depth to this Pokemon. He is so much more than a cute little bear that evolves into a larger, scary bear. Pancham struggles to accept his small stature and position in the world, constantly feeling like he needs to act tough to be taken seriously. He is a troublemaker which makes some interesting and cute situations in the anime series. His evolution, Pangoro, is seemingly blind with rage, an unusual portrayal of a panda. However, there appears to be a clear reason for this which I hopefully outlined in this shrine! These two Pokemon, when taken together, tell a really interesting story!


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