Shiny Charm is a Pokemon sub-collective part of Sutarodo, a creation to organize my various Pokemon projects. I created this site after I was approved for a few fanlistings for some of my favorite Pokemon in order to give them a separate space outside of my fanlisting collective. It used to be themed as Hylia Gym but was renamed Shiny Charm since I no longer consider this collective to only be an extension of Hylia, my fanlisting collective. This is a collective for all of my Pokemon projects including shrines. This collective has been open since March 9, 2015.

One of my favorite things to do in the game is collect shiny Pokemon through hunting or breeding. If you're unsure of what a shiny Pokemon actually is, think about the red Gyrados from Gold/Silver. Gyrados is typically blue, but that one is considered a rare coloration, also known as a shiny. I am usually always filling up boxes with eggs obtained using the Masuda Method. As a shiny hunter, I've found that the shiny charm is absolutely crucial because it increases your chances of obtaining a shiny Pokemon so I used this name for my collective to reflect my primary interest in the game.


You are currently viewing version 3 of Shiny Charm featuring Lilligant, a Pokemon that I've really come to admire recently. I wanted to change the design to reflect something shiny and brightly colored, and Lilligant has such a vivid palette so I tried to mess around with it. I really love the end result, and I think it encompasses what I want this collective to represent: bright colors, cute and beautiful Pokemon, and shiny charm!

Images are from Bulbapedia. Textures used in this layout are from hattu-aki, vikyvampirs90, and caotiicah. Fonts on the graphic are Cheddar Jack and Built Titling, and fonts used in the content are Fjalla One, Pacifico, and Open Sans from Google Fonts.

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