Welcome to Killer Grin, a fan shrine dedicated to Pokemon #674, Pancham (Yancham). This little panda debuted in Pokemon X/Y and quickly became one of my favorites from the new generation. The shrine covers only information from the games currently with possible plans to expand to cover manga and anime appearances, and it is written in a way that assumes you know the basics of the Pokemon series and what these creatures are as well as some descriptive terms such as type and evolution that have unique definitions in the series.

The shrine is written in a manner so that each section builds off of the last so I do suggest going through the navigation from left to right. It is also important to note that I did use the gender specific pronoun "he" even though Pancham's gender ratio is 50/50. The reason for this is because I'd written this in a manner with my specific male Pancham in mind, and writing it in this manner felt very natural as a shrine is a personal project.

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Killer Grin is also home to the fanlisting dedicated to Pancham listed at The Fanlistings Network and The Anime Fanlistings Network. If you're a fan of Pancham and are looking to join, please head to the appropriate section!


January 29, 2017 · I did some small cleaning up with the coding, formatting, and CSS as well as added a small amount of Sun and Moon information!

July 4, 2016 · I am really proud to announce that this shrine is finally open! I had a lot of fun making this so I hope you enjoy it. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me!

June 11, 2016 · Hello, everyone! The shrine is very nearly complete. I am posting this update to let you know that I've added some wonderful code donations to the fanlisting page.